The Story

laurels-drffHurricane Bonnie is the story of two thirty-something brothers; Joel and Anthony.  These boy shave issues that, as with most sibling issues, have been partially buried in the sands of time.  Their mom, Bonnie, also known as Hurricane Bonnie, has recently passed away and both of them are having a hard time dealing with that and with themselves.

Bonnie didn’t have an easy time of it in life what with a nasty husband and two boys to raise – mostly on her own.  Her escape was a yearly trip to Lake Wakabeka Wonderland with her boys and her brother Bob where she especially loved to ride the Big Woody – a legendary wooden roller coaster that was (and still is) better than multiple martinis for release from earthly woes.
At her wake, the boys learn that she wished to have her ashes scattered at Wonderland.

They set off with Joels wife and Bonnie’s cremains in a box to honor their moms wish.

Unbeknownst to them, thats not all she wanted…